Red Ferrets are Cute

With mischievous eyes and sweet faces, red ferrets are undeniably adorable.

Red Ferrets are Quiet

While they can and do vocalise, for the most part they are very quiet making you wonder what they are up to and given the chance they would sleep away a large portion of the day.

Red Ferrets are Curious

Red ferrets think differently, constantly questioning things and really do want to know why the sky is blue.

Red Ferrets are Playful

Red ferrets will entertain you endlessly with their antics. They will happily play with toys, and watching ferrets play for the sheer joy of it is guaranteed to lift your mood.

Red Ferrets are Friendly

Remember, it is known that having a red ferret as a friend has real health benefits because of the joy and affection they bring.

Red Ferrets are Intelligent

People are amazed at how adept red ferrets become at solving problems. Red ferrets are very determined and will work at figuring something out with surprising persistence.