Me, the Student and Author

Hi I am Christopher and my nickname is the "Ferret". I am an average teenage boy who has dyslexia, is starting his own tee shirt business and who wants to donate some money to SPELD. I am a sporty, gaming kind of guy. My favourite sports are football, golf and best of all tenpin bowling where my best score is 204. My favorite games include Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and Five Nights at Freddys. My favourite food is lasagne, yummy.

I also play guitar and have a blue stratocaster like the one the red ferret is playing. Bands I like to listen to are AC/DC, Green Day, Led Zepplin, George Thoroughgood and I wake up every morning to Chuck Berry's My Ding-a-ling. I want to play the guitar like Angus Young and Callum, my guitar teacher who comes on Tuesday's, is teaching me how to. He is also teaching me to write music like a pro.

My Tutor

This is Lyn my SPELD tutor who helps me with my reading and writing. Lyn is my SPELD teacher who has been working with me since 2008. we have worked on lots of things like reading, writing, spelling, grammer and phonics. All the students do different things but the main thing that has helped me is Steps to Literacy program and Lexia reading program.

My Illustrator

This is Brendan. He is a cool local artist who helps to illustrate what I write about. He has a home-studio in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, and his paintings are really cool and mostly of Wellington City. You can find him selling prints of his paintings at the markets around Wellington. You can find out more about him on his website Brendan Grant Artwork

My Sponsor

This website has been created by my Dad and Toby who he works with at VAPOURbiz.

This is what it says about them on their website: VAPOURbiz provides small organisations – be they a social enterprise, a charity, small business, NGO or school - with access to the most comprehensive business infrastructure services available to them. This means that VAPOURbiz customers can focus on their core business.

We have teams of professionals and systems working across strategy, people, finance, systems, assets and contracts. Our pool of talent and skills is derived from years of experience providing services to organisations large and small in the public, private, not-for-profit and 4th sector in areas as diverse as education, health, justice, retail community and sector development.

Above anything else we’re renowned for our ability to tailor a solution, innovate, manage risk and, through strong project management, to take care of the in-between stuff.